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What's on my needles? Rivulet by Tincan Knits
I have been gone from writing here for over two months and must get back to the routine of posting more and sharing with you. I am now in Maine, caring for my dad. He has a bad fall three weeks ago and it caused a domino effect of health issues. I spent a week in the hospital with him, getting tested and having his vitals stabilized. Now he is in rehab and working hard to regain the strength he lost so rapidly. This period of time has taken me away from work and my home and family in Boston, but I am in my second happy place now that he is on the road to recovering. It has allowed me knitting and sewing time and I have been busy. Here are some tempting photos for you. I promise I will return with all of the details.....

Rivulet, pattern by Tincan Knits from the book Roadtrip Pattern costs $5.00, digital book, $18.00
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarn Woodland knit on size 6 needles.
I had ordered the book Roadtrip in anticipation of casting on the Clayquot Sweater, but I have been too preoccupied to get my stash yarns together for swatching. This pattern has such an interesting texture and it is actually an intuitive knit. The yarn is from the stash table at Fiber Camp 2016, thank you Alaisdair!!!

I'm adding a slew of new project bags to my Etsy shop
I am in the process of uploading the different bags, but I have over a dozen new prints. The link to the Etsy shop is here. I call this the Rowes Wharf/ Ornate Shears bag. The dimensions of this bag are 13" tall, 10" wide and 4" deep in the box bottom. The bag is lined and reinforced with interfacing, giving it the support needed to stand alone. The bag is made of cotton and is washable. The price will be $38.00. This is the only tall bag in the shop for now.

Rowes Wharf/ Bicycles and baskets of posies

Rowes Wharf/ Decorated Birds
Rowes Wharf/ Birds in a Row
These bags all measure approximately 10x10x4". They are hand made by me, currently here in Maine, or in Boston. The materials are cotton fabrics, poly zippers and interfacing. The bags can be washed, and will benefit from a touch up with the iron to give them a crisp finish. If you are a knitter, please know I intended the bags for holding a shawl, socks or the start of a sweater. They can also be used to organize your bag during travel or hold make up or tech devices.
I am currently working on listing them in the Etsy shop and expect them to be available for sale by 2PM today, May 4.


elns said…
Tincanknits does some great designs. Your bags look great! I hope your Dad heals quickly.

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