Sewing mania!

A project bag, under construction
I have been obsessed with sewing the past few months. It started with a whole new set of fabrics and shapes for project bags for my Knitting in Beantown Etsy shop. Then, I got brave and bought a few patterns to make clothing for me. It stings to take measurements and see that I no longer fit into a size 12. It stings like mad, but I got over it and decided to take the plunge and sew for my current size. I am in love! I have been using a number of patterns that are now on the market and I also modified patterns I used back in the 80's. Yes! The 80's! I have a stash of fabric suitable for apparel and so I plunged into dress making.
Here is s photo collection of my making. I love cotton or linen and the colors and prints were from a collection of fabric stashed over the years. Each dress is so comfortable and they actually fit! Thanks to Jenny of the Tiny Paper Foxes podcast. Her twenty minute making KAL inspired me to think about building a new collection of clothes that I made myself. Colors, shapes, prints all make me happy. Do you have sewing skills? A love for patterns and fabric. Do you love to pair the prints and drapes of cloth to a pattern? Come hang with me, I have more patterns queued up! The next step for these finished garments is to find something I have knit to accessorize with.

Six dresses in a week...
Merchant and Mills, Factory Dress in blue linen

The color is a french blue
I found this pattern in Z Fabrics, a shop in Portland, ME.
Fitted bodice of the Deer and Doe Sureau Dress

The print is called Stained Glass
Another Sureau Dress
Sureau number 3
I bought this pattern in Mercer's Fabrics on Charles Street, Beacon Hill.
Such a comfortable dress, flattering too.
The fabric is a batik, hand stamped print.
This McCall's dress is inspired by a 60's pattern.
Red linen shift.
This pattern is one from 1986.
I hope my post will inspire you to shop your stash or your local fabric store. Check out Stitch House and Mercer's Fabric in Boston, Z Fabrics in Portland.  And happy making!


MercersFabric said…
Wow!! You've been on a kick! I love those! The Surreau dresses are both done in such great prints!! :)
elns said…
You're a sewing up a storm! Love the scissor pattern on the project bag. Great fabrics all around :)

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